Is it yours ???

Hello you yes you who is reading this, I would like to share a day of my life with you. You may feel it is “something” not complete but yes damn sure something alike yours day.

So here I start,

When I was driving to my office today in the morning somewhat at 8 a.m., a young woman shouted from behind, “hey, your dupatta!! Take care lady”. I took my dupatta away from the back wheel of my vehicle and till then the lady was far away from me. I couldn’t say thanks to her. I was thinking about the lady who helped me and I missed the signal from where I had to take right turn so it happened to necessary for me to take U turn from next signal. When I was standing on the signal a traffic police came to me and said ma’am “aap yaha se nikal jayiye kyu ki aapka signal khulne me abhi 10 minute aur lagenge”. He helped me along with some more citizens for getting the way for U turn. After taking the turn I looked back to say thank you but he had already walked to another side of road to assist others and I failed to say thank you. When I reached to office I got an urgent call from my boss who was in Banglore because of some work. I was talking to the boss and I was about to slip because of waterlogged floor but the new maid hoarded me from falling and said “Dhayan rakhiye ma’am, farshh gila he.” I was busy on my call so without saying anything I reached to my cabin. After finishing the call I went out to express my gratitude towards maid for saving my life but the lady was already left. While going back to home at around 8:30 p.m. my vehicle broke down. I was trying to start it for 15 minutes but it didn’t start. Suddenly one boy stopped his bike and helped me in starting my vehicle. As soon as it got start I was about to convey my thankfulness but he got the call and he left. Again I couldn’t say thanks to the helper. After reaching at home I went to eat Pani Puri with my friends. It was so spicy that my eyes filled with tears and I was yelling on my friends for making this much spicy Pani Puri. An old lady was waiting for the bus beside me. After looking at me yelling she came closer to me, gave me water bottle saying, “ Ye lo beta, paani pilo” and rubbed my back. I took bottle and drank water. My friends started teasing me for not eating a bit spicy food. I told them to keep mum and moved away from there to give water bottle to that old lady but she had climbed up the bus. The bottle remained with me and another time I missed the chance of saying thank you.

Having reached to my bed I noticed that all of them who helped somehow were strangers for me and I thought if these strangers were not on this planet how much difficult it would be for me to survive in a single day. I said thank you in my heart and closed my eyes for another beautiful morning where I also can help some strangers.

Simply it was unspoken and unheard thanks.

These are just few incidents I could share. But there is pipeline of these kind of happenings where the helper helps and never seen in life time. In fact we don’t remember the faces.

So whenever we get chance to say thank you to anyone do the honor. Wear a huge smile and express your gratitude. ?

Thank you for reading this.

Keep sharing and giving your feedback. ? It means a lot to me ?

Byline : By Ruchita Jain, Student for life time