Is it a CAT fight or Just a hype

(Part 6 )

Also with the CAT on the rounds, it’s commonly observed among the aspirants that after writing their paper, they post their attempt rates n “probable accuracy rates” on every possible and available networking site, and then beg others to “predict” their %iles; however misleading the projected %ile might be. I sincerely wish if our future “entrepreneurs” or “managers” could actually stop whining like a 5 year old kid measuring the odds in favors of getting a new fancy toy. I wish someone could knock some sense in them that CAT is an exam where the ranking is relative. Also the algorithm and factors involved in scaling up/down the scores cannot be calculated or even predicted by a human or any other random “percentile prediction babas/calculator;” given the large no. of unknown variables involved. It is the task of Prometric and let them do their job; nothing would be gained by racking your brains over that. So instead of wasting others’ and most importantly, your own time by pestering people and dhongi babas to calculate and predict our %ile (which would actually be nothing less than a mirage); it would be better if you stopped frittering and worrying about CAT results. There are much better things to worry about. Also, life beholds lot many interesting challenges and opportunities for us to explore. Let’s not waste time in crying over the spilt milk or getting anxious about the future. Live in the present and work towards your goal.

Stay Focused and Stay Happy!!!

In the end, having read this article, do ask yourselves this question again “So why such hype about the CAT fight”???

PS: The title is indeed misleading but the “Cat fights” are dreadful and more entertaining than the “CAT FIGHT” ?

And yes I know the entire length of the article is awfully and painfully longggg… Worse than the RC’s!!! ? So thank you to all those who “might” have had the patience to read the entire article ?

Happy Reading!!! ?