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  • Interview with LIBA’s Director – Dr T.A. Sivasubramaniam

    (1) Having designed 350 Management Development
    Programmes, what is that one thing would like to implement in the current
    education system?

    The educational system must be tuned to the current organizational
    environment. The present environment is becoming highly impersonal and more
    objective oriented. We need to prepare our students to accept this reality and
    to understand the skills required to be more effective with a humanistic
    approach  in their managerial roles.

    (2) Will you consider a good/great CAT/XAT score
    for a low GPA? What’s your take on this?

    Candidates should have a consistent record of first class (60%) in
    Std X, XII, and Under Graduate with no arrears or a GPA of 6.00 and above.

    Short listing of candidates is based on performance of candidates  in CAT/XAT. Cut offs differ every year
    depending on the performance of candidates in the tests. But of late the scores
    do not reflect the true calibre of the candidates.

    (3) What are the qualities you look for while
    recruiting students for your program?

    The qualities we look for are :

    Team players with good
    communication skills.

    performance is obviously important, but the crucial factor is leadership. The
    candidates should demonstrate leadership qualities outside of academic arenas.
    Since the training and expertise needed to develop them academically will be
    provided by us.

    Honesty and Integrity.

    Concern for others.

    Being ethically and
    socially responsible. And a willingness to serve the society at large through
    their organizational roles.

    (4) It will be great if you can share some Dos
    and Don’ts for the SOP and application essays.


    Be Short And Brief – Do use short appealing sentences to end
    your essay and follow the instructions about length. Stick to the core points.

    English Writing Skills – Check your
    grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization carefully. Use continuous, cohesive sentences.

    Honesty – Convey a positive message
    by being honest as much as possible.
    Focus on ethics and integrity.

    Experiences – Share your experience on leadership / in
    any community service while in school /college. Highlight your interests and
    experiences, if any.


    Do not deviate from the topic

    Don’t appear overly idealistic

    Don’t plagiarise

    Avoid discrimination against gender, community
    or groups

    (5) You have authored two
    books; which Principles of Management can be connected to the ideas you have
    for LIBA?

    I want LIBA to produce ethical and socially responsible corporate

    A willingness to learn and to keep themselves tuned to the changing
    needs of the organisation is the highest talent we expect from our students.

    Need to equip the budding managers with updated managerial
    competencies and to make them as fitting members in a team environment are the
    two important managerial principles that are mentioned in the book.

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