Interview Tips: How to show your love for your dream company

Take the next 5-10 seconds to think of your dream company.

Amazon? Apple? Google? Facebook?

Let’s say Google is your dream company. Whether you’re in college and dreaming about joining Google after graduation, or a working professional passionate about working at Google, your dream company has to know you love them. Right?

A vast majority of us dream of a job at Google for one obvious reason — the pay is great. But you can’t sit in an interview and tell the panel that you want the job for the great pay, can you?

Not to worry, there are ways to impress your interviewer and showcase yourself as an asset for the company. Here’s how.

Ask yourself these questions:

Why do you really want to join Google? And why should Google pick ‘you’ from an immense pool of candidates competing for every open position?

Because… You LOVE Google, first and foremost.

Now to the more important question — how do you show your love for Google?

1. You’ve gotta believe in their mission and philosophy

2. You’ve gotta show that belief in action

Let’s elaborate on these two points.

Show your belief in their mission and philosophy.

A tribe can succeed if and only if all its members share some common values. For a business, those values are its mission and philosophy.

Think of the organization as a family and as members. Each member of the family has to share values and work towards , right? How else is the family going to prosper?

When the question comes in the interview about why you want to join Google, be prepared with an answer. Your answer must show that you’ve read the company’s mission statement and philosophy, and that you too believe in what they believe.

Consider this. If you don’t believe in making information available on the web and if you’re not an open source proponent, you obviously cannot be at Google, right? So this is why it is crucial to show your interviewers your belief in and ideals.

Show your belief in action.

What better way to prove your love for something than through solid, effective action?

Google is your dream company, so what stuff have you actually done that is relevant to this dream? Developed apps for the Android market? Created an open platform or open source project in college? Presented a paper on the architecture of at a conference?

Ask yourself this question:

What have you done in action to show your love for Google?

To prepare yourself for this part, engage in projects, however little. Do not mind the size or magnitude of the outcome, all is you’re doing something relevant. Some day down the line, it will all weave together into a beautiful fabric.

The trick is to start early. Let’s say you’re in first year of college now, and you’ve been inspired by Google, and want to join them when you graduate. Start working towards that dream now. An interview is much bigger than a test of what languages you know and how fast you can solve , because virtually all your classmates can do that too.

How are you going to stand out?

Simple answer: Show your love.

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