Interview Pointers

Scratching your head about what to do on the day of your interview? Here are some pointers which will help you cruise along on the D-Day and pass with flying colors.

1. Reach the venue well in advance. Carry printouts of your CV and form along with loose sheets of paper and a pen. This will be useful if you are asked to solve a problem or a small case and especially if mental maths is not your strong suit

2. Dress smartly and correctly. Some institutes specify the dressing style – formals, smart casuals or casuals – do follow the brief. Make sure your clothes are ironed and shoes are polished. Avoid making fashion blunders – e.g. wearing white socks with formal wear. A smartly turned out individual is confident and invokes confidence as well.

3. Do not forget to switch off your phone or at least put it on the silent mode. Nothing disrupts an interview more than a phone ringing (especially one with a Justin Bieber ringtone)

4. During the interview, SMILE. The interviewer also knows that you are tensed and a smile will put both of you at ease.

4. It is perfectly okay to accept that you do not know the answer to a question asked in an interview. Your honesty is appreciated and it works much better than pulling stories out of thin air.

Finally, keep calm, relax and be confident. Remember the fact that this interview is not the end of the world.

All the best for your interview!

MyNewsStudio Team