Interning @ Future Brands -A MYRAcle’s experience

My summer job was the short term experience that provided me a real insight into what it’s

actually like working in a brand management firm for a career. I was interned at Future Brands,

Delhi. Currently, I am a management student at MYRA School of Business, Mysore. My

institution helped me to escalate my market opportunities and to intern with one of the leading

conglomerates of the country. Dr. Nagananda Kumar- Executive Director, MYRA found my skill

set suitable for brand management and thus suggested me to write to Future Brands expressing

my interest working with them.


‘Future Brands’- is a subsidiary for Future Group of companies and is one of the leading houses

in the country for brand solutions. I have always been excited about brands as a customer and

this was a real time opportunity for me to know about them! As soon as I was recommended

for Future Brands, I went hurriedly through the company’s web-site and its presence in social-

media. What I found there was real attention-grabbing!! ‘Future Brands’ doesn’t only provide

solutions to nationals and multinationals but also create and maintain their own brands. The

subsidiary establishment is an owner of almost 85% brands of Future Retail. Apart from these,

it also provides services for Indian and global companies on conceptual and operational brand

challenges, helps them to recognize consumer insights and provides brand strategies. In simple

language Future Brands supports these companies to succeed in business through insights &

knowledge-based brand solutions.

Along with me were five more of my MYRA cohorts, interested to intern with ‘Future Brands’.

Most of us matched the same interest and were ardent towards the learning experience yet to

come. Our curriculum vitae was now already shared with Future Brands. One fine day e-mails

popped-up from Mr. Atulit Saxsena; Chief Operating Officer; Future brands, who asked us to

position a Skype Call the same evening. As informed the on-line call meet took place exactly at

6:00 pm the same evening. All of us were equally excited for this meeting. The conversation

started by introducing each-other and unfolding about each-other’s strengths and weaknesses.

After an exhaustive discussion, and analyzing everyone’s strengths; Mr. Atulit, proposed our

team to author a book on ‘Private Brands’ and its scenario in the Indian Market. We were a lot

more excited now. Come-on!! Which management student would say ‘NO’ to such an


We were required to report at Future Brands office, Delhi on 21st April 2014 and thus all of us

were likewise excited and well stable at the destined place by the previous day. The first day at

Future Brand’s office was incredible. I never saw such a cool office in my career, or had ever

imagined of. The culture followed at Future Brands was totally different and new to everyone in

our team. More than cubicles the office people preferred large conference halls, where all of

them can sit together and discuss on any project. The environs around the office was much

different than other work places. The office was full with an energetic mix of Brand strategy and

management expertise who take on brand challenges in various categories of products.

The first couple of days were intensive and a lot of coffee was required (good thing coffee was

free!). Our initial days were spent with secondary research and exhaustive discussions with

brand managers and experts present at Future Brands office. The idea was to acquire perfect

knowledge about our individual areas of research for the book. The other eight weeks ahead

led us to primary research; visits to various outlets across the city, surveying retailers and

consumers, and online/offline meetings with various project heads. These meetings provided us

real time inputs supporting our content. In the meanwhile we were also drafting our reports

with the ongoing research. The last one week was spent with adding additional contents,

designing, proof reading, layouts, and template groundwork for the book. Mr. Atulit used to

guide us on our works done on a day-to-day basis, which facilitated us to structure our notions.