Internet: is it the right tool?

Smartphones are now in the process of replacing the use of laptops while-on-the-go. Giving easy access to internet, in other words social networking websites, our phone has become our new best friend.

Have you noticed the various emotions you take the effort to express in your real life & the number of emoticons you easily type-in in your texts?

Internet evokes as many opinions as the services it offers. However, the point is whatever opinion we are of; we still use the internet. As human beings we are very expressive towards the people & things we love, always wanting the world to know how happy we are with what we have. Invariably painting only the best pictures of our life. Sharing our personal thoughts, information and most importantly connecting to people across the world, is possible with internet!

Though invigorating, do the numbers on your friend list make a difference to the life you actually live besides your virtual one. Very little may be, since internet provides you with the option of easily concealing your emotions behind the bright screen. No one can even tell the difference if it’s actually you or your roommate chatting on your behalf.

Even though your friends reply with a laughing smiley on the jokes you crack, are you assured they are enjoying the online chat; can you ever be sure if that’s just a formality or the truth? This may sound cliché to you but this is where face-to-face communication comes into picture. The only way you could know if a person is happy, sad, angry & genuine is by his/her facial expressions & vocal tone. Which is why even in this era where internet is an integrated part of our daily life, the need to meet the same friends we chat with or to personally call up to wish on birthdays is felt.

Never the less, internet has modernized our society, lifestyle & technology to such an extent that it may be declared as an addiction. Bringing to us the knowledge & information from across the globe, it makes it possible for people from different cultures & society to exchange the good they have to offer and bond. However, the primary motives of internet can only be defined by the person using it, which is you.

So how important is it for you to have a big friend list on socializing websites? Since, internet is a good tool to shape-up your social life, but definitely not the right scale to weigh your personal life on.