International Programs at VITBS

In line with VIT Business School Mission statement International Relations are taken care to “make our students global citizens with collaborative education from world class Universities and enhance their employability worldwide”

The MBA students are able to travel abroad and are successful in Global work place. They learn to use different approaches of collaboration in Management education with different Institutions with a genuine commitment to globalization. The international opportunities at VITBS help students enhance their participation in world’s relevant Business and leadership challenges.

VITBS International Programs are run under two headings:

1. International Credit transfer with Universities abroad

2. International Internships (Summer Internships/Projects)

Under the International Credit transfer, VITBS students get an opportunity to study abroad after completion of Core credits and their credits are transferred to a foreign University and the European/US Credits are transferred to VIT resulting in twinning degrees from both Universities. Very active MoUs are in place to perfect the process are University of Michigan (USA), Fonty’s (France), Normandie (Belgium), Zhen Zhou (China) and Tor Vergata (Italy).

The International Internships offer the student’s exposure to Multinational Industries in Manufacturing, Electronics, Retail and Logistics. The students are taken to different companies blended with few classroom guidance and experience state of art of Industries and make a comparative study and present the learning outcomes in viva.

Till today at VITBS, more than 60 students have enjoyed credit transfer and Dual Degrees from the University of Michigan and employed with famous corporates like FORD, Avant Technologies, General Motors, Cognizant, Kellogs and many logistics and food industries. Students around 165 have been to countries like USA, France, Belgium, China, Singapore and Malaysia for their summer internship and successful in their placements in domestic and international companies.

By Dr D. Bhanusree Reddy

Senior Professor – VIT Business School