International Conference on Techno Management Trends (ICTMT) Summit 2019 | ITM Navi Mumbai (Part 1)

The ICTMT summit held in ITM Navi Mumbai was a full of wisdom and Knowledge. Please find the glimpse of the event below:

Dr Lakshmi Mohan, Director ITM Business School, Kharghar said ” We welcome the changes that are taking place in technology because they are the drivers of our future.” We are modifying our lifestyle to catch up with the technology as it is the requirement of the present. ICTMT is one event where technology is given a significant importance.

Prof. R.S.S Mani, Vice President, Institutional Development, ITM Group, said “Today we are learning new ABCD everyday where the meaning of alphabets has changed. Technology is asking us to unlearn, relearn and re-skill. As a social scientist my concern is for the new generation as they are consumed by the alienation.

Ms Deepa Naik, the Co-founder of Cogitari, Founder Member and Indian Leader of Human for Artificial Intelligence interacts – This decade is about AI, Cyber-security and Block Chain, these technologies are a disruptive. Technologies is going to make our life better. A powerful technology becomes voice when it comes to rural. “Aawaz De” a startup is one which is working for rural area to help them with technology.

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