DSB organized its first international conference on Corporate finance, Governance and sustainability on 21st , 22nd & 23rd October. It was headed by Prof. I.M.Pandey, Prof. Ruhani Ali from university science Malaysia, Prof. S.P.Kothari from sloan school of management, MIT, Mr. Milind Patil senior director, Philips Lumiled Inc., USA. The event hosted more than 70 speakers across the 3 different topics spread over 3 days along with a batch of 70 students from Srilanka. The event focused on improving the corporate world in various fields as various topics which were experimented and various identifications were presented in the due course of the conference. The conference also experienced a mix of culture as the students got to interact with different people from across the horizon while the guest also got a taste of Indian architecture with varied trips across Delhi showing them the monuments and historical places around Delhi.

The conference emphasized on the importance of governance over the field of finance as a major part of the leverages, mutual funds, optimistic earning potential of current Indian IPO companies and risk of equity. The speakers pointed out the troubles they had faced due to the current changes in the policies and how they have faced each and every problem that has aroused due to the changes. With these sessions the students were exposed to various problems that would arise in the corporate world when they enter into their jobs.

The sustainability of various firms were presented on day two where the speakers spoke about the socioeconomic impacts, women empowerment, culture and innovation in startups. The students who have an idea of setting up their own business were benefited as they cleared their doubts about all the possible sustaining their business during huddles. The speakers were equally patient in answering to each and every students questions as well as the delegates. The session chairs gave ample time for everyone to post their questions for the speakers to answer.

Day 3 of the conference contained topics on governance and management in corporates as the speakers spoke about organizational culture, Human resource development and its roles, while specific case of Thailand university and the impact of internationalization on the corporates. The day ended with a skype session with Dr. Shashank Ojha, Senior specialist & head, ICT GP/E-Governance team of world bank, INDIA on the topic “ Green growth – A new paradigm for sustainable development” He emphasized on the importance of growth across various sector with the CSR activities that are mandatory for the companies. His speech also made us realize the importance of “Give and Gain”. It was supported by stats from various sectors. The speech changed our perception on CSR activities of companies and also the various responsibilities as a corporate in the development of economy.

Overall the the conference had an impact on all the delegates and students who attended the event and changed the perception of everyone.