Intern ???

Starving for Excellence

Hello Juveniles!!! So here by some of us are done with our half of the curriculum and it’s time for the application of it and the industrial exposure. The time has come for finding an internship and many pals would have joined industrial fields as interns. There would be some companies which would be paying monetary rewards in form of stipends and some corporates would not be paying it. There would be many people who are loaded with lots of work and many of us would have abundant of time. The people who are encumbered with toil are fortunate enough to worth their internships but this period is priceless for all. When you are not able to get the work from your respective mentors; ask them to give some tasks to you. Convince them that you are in respective companies to absorb new skills and lessons. Sell your passion to learn and dedication to work to them and buy their faith in your work. This internship period is an epoch which is not going to be back in a student’s life. Your mistakes will get remedial in this duration but after placement you will be left with only option and that is FIRE.

So… Mark the best of it.

Keep Endeavoring Keep Learning…

Keep Smiling Spread Happiness…

Byline : By Ruchita Jain, Student for life time

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