Institute Of Engineering And Technology,
Calicut University

In this series on
KEAM exam, we discuss the expected closing ranks to various colleges that use
the scores for their admissions. This will tell you which colleges you are
likely to get through and what branches you may get.

The KEAM exam is
conducted across all major venues in the state of Kerala and in cities like
Mumbai, New Delhi and Dubai, among others. In this exam, engineering aspirants
need to appear for two papers – Paper 1, which comprises Physics &
Chemistry, and Paper 2, which consists of Mathematics.

Many reputed institutes in Kerala that offer
different professional degrees accept KEAM exam scores for their admissions. We
now look into colleges that admit students on the basis of their performance in
the KEAM exam; in this article, we take a look Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Calicut University.

This institute was
established in 2001 and is recognised by the AICTE. This Government sponsored
self-financing college is affiliated to the University of Calicut.

The institute
offers undergraduate programs in Electronics & Communication engineering,
Electrical & Electronics engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical
engineering and Printing Technology. The department of Printing Technology
offers 30 seats every year while rest of the engineering departments admit 60
students per year.

Let us take a look at the closing ranks in
KEAM 2014 for admission to this institute last year (do note that the closing
rank is the lowest rank at which a student – of a particular category – was
finally admitted to the institute):

Ranks for Electronics & Communication Engineering:

Other Backward Hindu   18748

Ezhava                              16533

Management                   51008

Muslim                              19860

SC                                     50195

State Merit                       15760

Ranks for Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

Other Backward Hindu  25875

Ezhava                              19865

Management                    52590

Muslim                              18559

SC                                      54682

State Merit                        17398

Ranks for Information Technology:

Other Backward Hindu   37632

Ezhava                               38583

Management                     56843

Muslim                               33974

SC                                       57049

State Merit                         30035

Ranks for Mechanical Engineering:

Other Backward Hindu      13851

Backward Christian

Ezhava                                  14073

Kudumbi                             39230

Management                       25761

Muslim                                 11308

SC                                         31274

State Merit                           10912

Ranks for Printing Technology:

Other Backward Hindu     35735

Ezhava                                29744


Management                     53545

Muslim                               29326

SC                                       47454

State Merit                         28904

The closing ranks for admissions to the institute in 2015 are expected to hover in the same range.

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