Insights from the Chairman of Northpoint Centre of Learning on MBA Programs

1. What are the top challenges that you are currently working to solve for your institute this year?

Every year is a challenge to design, update and deliver a curriculum that prepares young professional for the industry today. We are constantly endeavoring to have ensure the program is delivered by the best industry professionals and in doing so have about 80-100 senior practicing managers teach at the programs each year.

2. What according to you have been your most significant progress your institute has made in the last one year?

We find that the freshness in the curriculum to make it relevant to today’s industry needs is a significant development. Apart from this being recognized for Building Academic and Industry Interface at the DNA B-school awards 2015 was a feather in our cap.

3. What are the qualities you look for in an applicant when shortlisting for your final selections?

Since our programs are focused on providing the industry with professionally trained talent from Day 0, while selecting students we are looking for entrepreneurial skills, high business acumen and the right attitude, apart from the specific prerequisite required for a specific program.

4. What according to you is the one progressive change that you’d like to see in the management education scenario in the country today ?

It is important that all management programs in the country design, develop and deliver a curriculum that fulfills the talent need of the industry, today. The education system should be focused on career development in a wholesome way.

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