Information Systems @ Amrita School of Business – Riding the SMAC wave

Have you ever thought about the business landscape in which you will be working after a two-year program in Business Management? Are you sure that your B-school choice is the right one to prepare you for the future, anticipating the emerging technology trends? How can you be sure that the courses that you pursue in a B-school can give you an edge over the million others who will compete with you to get the most lucrative opportunities in the placement market ? 

Living in the post-digital era, the business landscape is redefined by the convergence of four technology enablers Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. The Multi-national technology vendors are repositioning themselves to adapt to this new Enterprise IT Model and offer their products through a SMAC stack. 

The Indian software industry’s exports may grow by about 13% in fiscal year 2014 to $87 billion (around Rs.5.4 trillion today), driven by its ability to offer solutions that integrate new business models such as analytics and cloud-based services, which are part of SMAC (cloud, mobile, analytics, big data and social media services) with traditional ones, according to NASSCOM’s Strategic Review 2014 report1.

Led by Dr. Raghu raman, Information Systems area of ASB offers cutting-edge and Industry-relevant courses aligned to SMAC to bridge the gap between opportunities and the talent pool on demand. Commencing the stream’s bouquet of courses with Fundamentals of IT and Visual Basic for Excel Programming, it gives a ring-side view of current and emerging trends in the four pillars of IT namely Hardware, Software, Networking and Security which includes Internet of Things, Technology ergonomics, Surface Computing, IP V6, Browser Wars, Cyber laws etc. Management Information System is the next course giving the processes and automation details of Information systems like ERP, SCM, CRM etc. 

Through the state-of-the-art Center for Corporate and Industry Relations (CIR) with an expert team of full-time professionals working in Corporate Training and Placements, the products of [email protected] are well placed in blue-chip multi-nationals in the roles of IT Business Analysts, MIS consultants, ERP consultants, IT Infrastructure Managers etc. All the courses in ASB have a hands-on component exposing the students to the agility of the real time business eco-systems and the nitty-gritties  of  working in a team. 

The second year electives are specialized knowledge top-ups in niche areas of IT like IT Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT Infrastructure Management, Decision Support Systems, Business & Customer Analytics, and Marketing Analytics etc. Under the SAP Academic Alliance Initiative, ERP course trains students in different modules of SAP like Materials Management, Production Planning, Financial Accounting and Controlling, Human Capital Management etc. and helps them become a SAP Certified ERP consultant.

 Dr. Raghu Raman is also the director of CREATE labs which is the partner for ASB in the World Bank aided initiative ‘India: e-Delivery of Public Services DPL’, Amrita’s eGovernance Analytics Platform (eGAP) which has been approved for funding to the tune of  $396,000. 

If you are interested in becoming a technocrat, a businessman with technical acumen, ASB is the right place to get a 360 degree perspective  on Information Systems and be SMAC ready.

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