Indus Tree CXO Power Talk ’15 by Dr.Ajai Chowdhry, Co=Founder HCL

HCL Story’

HCL was born out of a dream – ‘Let us take the Microprocessor and change the world’ – a dream is always at the core of every entrepreneurship,
said Dr. Ajai Chowdhry, Co-Founder of the global enterprise, HCL, the man
behind the vision of 6.5 billion US Dollars, the key force in driving the
growth of HCL who visited the MYRA School of Business, Mysore, and delivered the
15th IndusTree CXO Power Talk, to educate the students of MYRA the
essential qualities of an entrepreneur. 

He  took the audience on a  flashback of milestones and anecdotes
starting from 1976 when six young professionals with stars in their eyes
ventured out to start the HCL that we all know today – the first office which was a
tiny barsati with
no telephones; the endless hours on the road in buses and trains and
autos-finding ways to constantly keep the cash rolling to stay afloat; the
thrills of making the first small deals and the elation at the breakthroughs
they were making in the industry – but the key take away message was the fact
that they were ‘Hungry’ for success,
and were operating in an atmosphere devoid
of the debilitating effects of fear. 

While emphasizing that he was not advocating recklessness,
but rather undermining another key message – entrepreneurial success lies in
your ability to tackle obstacles and hurdles in your path without the fear
of ‘what if we fail’.  In
support of his message he used
examples of the ‘Campaigns’ adopted
by them in promoting the company – the strategies they used to encapsulate the
essence of what is HCL. 

Embrace Fear and use it as a motivation to achieve even more
success.  Entrepreneurs should develop a
healthy fear of what can go wrong and do everything in their power to pre-empt
these disasters, he deliberated.  Be
fearless. Be bold. Take risks, set audacious goals for yourself and motivate
yourself and your team to deliver. And most important-remember, failure is not
an option.  Pivot failures to your
advantage, he emphasized. 

Dr. Shalini R Urs, Chairperson of MYRA welcomed the speaker
and Dr. Sudhendar Rao, Professor of Information Systems delivered the vote of
thanks.  The event was well attended by
the students of the MYRA School of Business and prominent Mysoreans.

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