Indian Air Force Academy (AFA) – Hyderabad


Popularly knows as the ‘Guardians of the Skies’, The Indian Airforce is the protector of the sovereign Indian Air Space and the responder in times of an aerial aggression. Over the course of time, the Indian Air Force has also earned the distinct reputation as the ‘first responder in humanitarian crisis’ owing to some remarkable feats domestically and internationally. Most recently, Operation Rahat aimed at securing distressed citizens in Yemen was credited to the efforts of the Indian Air Force. 

From providing aerial relief and surveillance during floods in Uttarakhand and J&K to providing international assist during the Nepal Earthquake, the Indian Air Force has truly done it all.

The institution training the some of the finest and bravest pilots in the world’s military history called the Air Force Academy is situated at Hyderabad. At the AFA, cadets are imparted with training which equips them to take up leadership roles in IAF.

Training is imparted for Cadets who join either of the three branches of IAF- Flying, Ground Duty and Technical as Officers in their respective branches. AFA also serves as pilot training establishment for both – Army and Navy.

                                                                     Brief history of AFA

The foundation stone for AFA was laid in 1967 and the academy became fully operational in 1971 at Dundigal, located between Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The curriculum includes subjects which are of military, academic, technological nature. Cadets are also made aware of current doctrines of IAF which detail tactics and strategies that IAF uses to deal with adversaries.

Duration of training for cadets varies as per their branch. But a minimum of 22 weeks is compulsory for all Officers joining the IAF. The common curriculum includes subjects like service knowledge and administration.

Candidates can apply for Permanent Commission (PC) through Combined Defence Services Exam (CDSE) or through Airforce Common Admission Test (AFCAT). But only men can apply for PC.

Short Service Commission (SSC) is open to both Men and Women. The total service tenure is similar to other Armed Forces which is about 10+4 years.

Branches of IAF

    • Flying-  Cadets/officers can specialise in flying different type of aircrafts like- fighter planes, transport aircrafts and helicopters.
    • Ground duty- Ground duty branch is further divided into Education, Accounts and Administration. Candidates must be graduates in different subjects. Interested candidates must read the notification carefully to see if their subject is mentioned in the notification
    • Technical-  Aeronautical engineers can apply in this branch. This is also further divided into specialisations like Electronics and Mechanical. This entry is open for both Men and Women (SSC) who are graduates in Engineering from different branches.