INDIA- Underperforming in Innovation Portal!

Yes! surely the title is exciting but the other “fake-way”. A feel like- Woo, here it’s some bad stuff for india this time! or that ‘Lo! This country still in backlogs’ & then a selfie-imaging click telling “Ohh! it’s mine (& pic deleted!). It may seem long but Do have an honest look with ofcourse the reading part as well.

Well not a speech as today we have some better ones like that of Mr. Obama who says ‘India has emerged’ or ‘India China to outsource us’ etc. which may give you a curvy Smile but not clearing the curves in such so straight praises by someone kinda most powerful whose decline is on the line. 2nd most populous with a strong will & determined+focussed target to get on top, India is varying quality/quantity ratio massively.

To bring to your notice – there was a clause like “Indians innovate but India doesn’t” by Forbes & was such a center of attraction depicting us on the corner that surely our Thinking should Feel that it’s Thrill is missing. So Talking about facts n figures- The Global Innovation Index Report 2009-10 says that France & Switzerland has something to worry for all of us:

India has dropped 15 places, to 56th position on the Global Innovation Index (GII). (& we’ll wonder if such sort of index-ranking also exists)!

Although the ranking is relative, it shows how other countries are moving faster than India in terms of 5 enabler pillars of Innovation like “institutions, human capacity, general and ICT infrastructure, market, and business sophistication and two output pillars of scientific and creative outputs and well-being.”

For proof pic :

China (our competitive-mating -mate) along with Hong Kong has the 3rd position.We perceive China as a low cost imitator rather than innovator which is far from reality now. If China has been Productive then it’s now Creative as well. (So no extra-supply excuse) ?

(By GII ’13 India scores 36.17 with 66th rank while China at 7th)

By A Deccan Herald update-

India needs to graduate from a service provider to an innovator. Yes we are a IT super power, yet we don’t have companies which can produce block buster products like i-Pod’s or Facebook. We just can’t be satisfied on foreign companies setting up shops no matter how advanced work they carry out here, but we need homegrown Microsofts, Ciscos and the Bell Labs for us to be in the league of super powers.

On the entrepreneurship front while our country is being mushroomed with technical and management colleges, how many of us & upcoming youngsters have support for ‘creating’ jobs rather than finding them? “Not deviants but Professionals ourselves.”

A risk-taking appetite with desperate innovational strategy is what can ‘boost & burst’ the flammable shining sparks we have, hidden and riddled throughout. An inherent attitude towards failures with much-required strength to face the bidding society here is another unturned stone. Changed Mindset is much necessary. If one fails in America he is experienced not finished.

Now think and feel this-

Well, Our India has the best innovative agenda-termed system “JUGAAD” which is incomparable anywhere. It is a kind of clear proof to show the level of ease & creative talent against all dis-ease sistuations.

Also, India gave ‘0′ to the world i.e. the beginning to count on us for everything with pride & signifying something without which ‘Nothing Ends’!.So May it doesn’t get literal and not be evaluated anymore as zero/nothing.

India from its Bottom of heart has always been on Top & Centre of worthy unavoidable Concern for the rest of the world and that’s why – East or West India is the Best! Thank you!

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