In Conversation with FIIB Alumnus Mr. Trailukya

A PGDM alumnus from Fortune Institute of International Business graduating in 2007, Mr. Trailukya Dutta was glad to share some thoughts and memories from his 2 years at FIIB and also from his present career-

Please briefly tell us about your current position including your responsibilities and job tasks.

Currently I am working with the DS Group, deputed in the mouth fresheners division as a Senior Marketing Manager and responsible for marketing and management of the brand Baba Elaichi and Baba Supari. My role includes planning marketing activities, managing the product line and taking care of 360 degree product launch campaigns.

How did your experiences and learnings at FIIB prepare you for your career?

FIIB has given me a global perspective accelerating my career faster. As a student we not only explored the domestic market, but also went through case studies of international brands and market as well. The Institute and Faculty polished my skills for a larger perspective.

After so many years of passing out, is there any special moment of day at FIIB that has been etched in your memory forever?

Well, there are many. But in particular, I can’t forget about the one at “Ad Shades”– the marketing debate that we had initiated under guidance of Prof. Freda J Swaminathan. In one session of the debate while referring to the images of a few known faces in Indian advertisements; I quoted by mistake that Shahrukh Khan carried a ‘multisexual’ image. The right word was ‘metrosexual’, not multisexual. All my classmates and Prof. Freda burst into laughter. I really had no clue until I was explained how slip of the tongue can create a hilarious situation.

You were one of the star performers of your batch. What tips will you give to future Management students to excel in their academics?

I have observed from my experience that the Corporate Sector welcomes individuals with an entrepreneurial bend of mind. Proper decision making is not possible unless there is an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. I would recommend that every management student must attempt to excel on the basics of every subject and try to polish their entrepreneurial skills. For eg. those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing and Brand Management ; they should first make them familiar with sales & distribution process to understand the criticalities in different market conditions. I would want them to remember that there are no shortcuts to produce original results. The two years at PGDM are they days to get ready and prepare for future competitions.

How does it feel to be a part of the Alumni governing body? What is your opinion about the alumni of FIIB?

My heart is filled with joy to be a part of FIIB once again. My dream is to reunite the alumni spread across the globe in different projects. I believe that with united and synergetic efforts we will be able to bring significant positive changes to the Management scenario in India.

Disclaimer: This Article has been prepared and written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business and doesn’t reflect the views of the Institute.

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