IMT Hyderabad Students Corner #3: Trisha Sinha Roy (Batch 2017-19)

‘Getting an opportunity to be a part of the Internship Programme of one’s dream company is not just a dream, it requires extensive hard work and a lot of experience, apart from just the printed articles in those 1000 pages which most of us must have done so far in life.’

Before stepping onto the IMT Hyderabad Campus, my thought process used to be counted among one of those. However, over a time-period of three trimesters spent in the campus has brought about a major transformation in my perception towards career. The vast cultural diversity along with ample exposure to field work has enriched my knowledge beyond what my routine job could offer.

Apart from the regular course material, IMT Hyderabad has a wide collection of both online & offline study material which can be accessed anytime. The case study-based pedagogy in every domain has expanded my knowledge and has encouraged me to look beyond what the printed letters have to offer. The courses here are pre-planned in a manner that one is able to link them for a better understanding and towards the end of the first year, would have a clear direction regarding their area of specialization.

Apart from the academia, the student driven activities at IMT Hyderabad are at par with top-notch B-Schools — from their Cultural activities to the Management Domain-based Club activities.

Being a part of the Placements Committee (SCOP), IMT has brought in a complete 360-degree transformation in my life. Over this period of Summer Internship Placements Season (2017-18), IMT Hyderabad has given me a priceless opportunity to grow as an individual, to build up the mindset as a team player, to grow as a people’s person and build up a long-lasting Corporate Connect.

The countless events organised by various clubs has helped me nurture my areas of interest and has also given me opportunity to take part in the activities which I always aspired to be a part of, but hardly could get an opportunity before stepping in to our campus.

Apart from this, being a member of the Blog Team of Media Relations Committee (MRC) has given me the biggest ever opportunity to unveil my writing skills and a platform to showcase my talent.

‘No matter what we are, where we come from, getting placed in your desired Organization with a desired role is not a cakewalk. Rather, it is indeed the toughest part of any B-school life.’

Getting an opportunity to be a part of the Summer Internship Programme of my dream company — Arcesium India Pvt. Ltd (a D.E. Shaw Group Organization) would not have been possible without the support of our Placements Team & our honourable faculties, who have helped us enhancing our skills across different fields of specialization. The one-to-one approach in the Human Resource Management (HRM) courses has helped me gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject which has helped me immensely during the placement process.

We have a 14-16 weeks Internship Programme, is the largest internship span offered by any B-school, it gives IMTians an edge over other management graduates. After one year of classroom learning, we get enough time to put our learnings into organizations and add value to them. For a Graduate Fresher like me, it gives more opportunity to build up a strong Corporate connect in the very first acquaintance with the corporate world. This eventually helps a lot during Final Placements and enhances the chances of converting a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).