IMT Hyderabad Students Corner #2: Nitika Sharma (Batch 2016-18)

A girl child from somewhat conservative ‘Himachali’ family but with up-to-the-minute attitude, attribute and aspiration entered this wonderful institution named IMT Hyderabad, a place that became home! Well, that girl is me, Nitika Sharma.

Frankly speaking, the journey from the roots of Delhi, then Chandigarh and my Home-State Himachal to IMT Hyderabad was remarkable. The exciting life itself began with the initiation of my course at the institute. Every student enters with zeal to secure a job and so did i. Inception of this new ‘IMT-H Life’ came with some contemporary and exciting hurdles, which contributed to the up-skilling of my individuality.

Here the role of Finacea Club needs to be acknowledged. Late night meetings coupled with hard work not only upgraded my personality but the successful completion of events used to brim me with contentedness. Sleepless nights and long shifts of work in the ‘Impelz’ team are also worth mentioning here. Brainstorming for the TEDx jolted my cognition in a highly positive manner. It laid the basis of ‘worth of success’ in one’s life along with many of us aspiring to be a TEDx speaker one day. event with these co-curricular modules, I learnt the connection between the hard work and the associated rewards.

Talking of associated rewards, the placement in Novartis, my desired company, had many jigsaws out of which IMT faculty was one. Constant guidance and ‘hidden’ lessons of the mentors constructed the bridge of my desired placement. I am a girl with fair knowledge but moderate confidence, so the class participation ‘provocations’ by the teachers and ample class presentations gave a gentle push to my verbal ability and consequently I was smooth during the interview. There can never be enough words to thank the faculty and I will surely be in the debt of this institution for its direct and indirect blessing shower.

However, differential human behaviour was also at peak during the end days of the IMT-H Life. The friends became competitors in the placement drives, turning the well-wishing into a status fight. But that’s life! The preceding statements act as a reality on all the students, sooner or later. But the startling scenario was how each of us used to experience delight in success of others too! It made us jubilant when any of us used to get placed, despite the fact that he/she got the seat that you too once dreamt of. Perhaps, that’s the sort of nexus IMT-H builds.

Being ‘Semi-Hyderabadi’ now, I would say that the ‘Biryani’ of my success had many ingredients. Right from the security personnel to the Dean, from friends to faculty, from gossip nights to Finacea work, every aspect had its own flavour, blended together and slowly cooked in this beautiful utensil named IMT-Hyderabad!