IMT Hyderabad is not just a place, it’s an entire world of emotions – Indraja Nikam

“IMT Hyderabad” – Every time these words pop up in front of the eyes or echo in the ears, there’re a million thoughts that go for a run… To say the least, IMT Hyderabad is not just a place, it’s an entire world of emotions. A beautiful student-driven campus that NEVER SLEEPS! Yes, IMT Hyderabad never sleeps!

When I started my journey, I was lost. Honestly, for someone like me, who had stepped out of home for the first time, it took a while to get the hang of life here. The most difficult thing for me was to manage time. All the assignments, case study preparations, events, academics were too much to handle at first. But then now when I look back at the journey, I realize that all of it has taught me one of the most important things of life – TIME MANAGEMENT! I learnt to be efficient in whatever work I take up. I learnt to go out of my comfort zone and do better every time. When you stay in a residential environment, where you got to spend sleepless nights to make the events and work them out…to complete the assignments…for studies and what not, you realize that doing your best in your comfort zone it not enough, it only inspires you to push yourself and “define a new and a better best” every time.

Now, when I say that IMT Hyderabad is a whole world in itself, how can I not mention the different clubs and committees like Sports club, cultural club, CSR club etc. that helped me to pursue my interests and hobbies and also learn the skills of leadership and being a team player.

The internship program here is one of its USP. Unlike most of the other B-Schools,

IMT-H provides a 16 weeks Internship Program. Being a fresher, a longer Internship Program has benefited me in developing myself. As for freshers Internship is the only experience with the corporate world, it is important that it is utilized to the maximum, so as to have adequate knowledge for placements. And 16 weeks of Internship gave me enough time to work on different projects and understand the know how’s of the corporate world, which ultimately also helped me in my Placement.

To sum it up, the two-year journey at IMT-H started with some curious souls with hopes in hearts and plans for life, strangers to each other, coming together at an unknown place, not knowing what’s there in store for the next two years. But then, that’s the beauty of it. The strangers became family, hostel became home, and this 33 Acre campus became our own little world. If I have to use a metaphor, IMT-H is like a SCULPTOR and the students are SCULPTURES in the making. Every hammering of the hammer is worth the hit and pain. At the end of two years when you look at yourself, you are turned into a beautifully sculpted sculpture. IMT-H has not only developed me as a Personnel but also as a Person.

Indraja Nikam

Batch 2017-2019