IMT Hyderabad Inspired Me to Think Differently

“IMT inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in my life”

“The time spent here I can never forget which changed my life and made me believe what I am today. Yes, the very first day when I step in the college and admired the marvelous beauty of the college campus and made myself to get lost in the natural environment the college has.”

Once I got the offer letter from IMT Hyderabad I was very happy but on the other side was

surrounded by many questions, like, how my next two years will be like, will I be able to live apart from my family as this was the first time I was attending a residential programme. But once I stepped inside the college I felt homely environment. There is a magic in the air of the college which makes me happy whenever I felt unhappy, makes me play whenever bored and never let me feel homesick.

Before joining IMT Hyderabad my way of looking to a problem was the same as it was of others and makes me stand nowhere different even in the organization where I used to work earlier. My vision totally changed after joining this institute and now I feel I am capable of doing something different from others by studying with the most experienced faculty and sitting among the students from different states. The pedagogy of the curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares us well in advance for the industry and after the end of the second year, you are fully trained to face the new assignment. The pedagogy involves the real case study which prepares us for a similar situation if/that may happen during our working tenure. And the curriculum designed makes us familiar with the burden and the rigor that we will be facing in companies when placed.

Apart from academia, IMT Hyderabad conducts many students driven activities which are at par with the top B-Schools and have many cultural activities during the festive season. The annual fest of the college makes the students to compete and interact with the other B-School students and to prove themselves.

Being a part of many clubs and committees like International Relations Committee (IRC) makes me not to limit my knowledge and experience only to walls of the college but also beyond that. IMT has given me a good number of inestimable opportunity to enhance my base and to grow as an individual and to come as a good team leader/player. Being a member of IRC, I got the biggest opportunity ever to meet with the professors from the different parts of the world and to have an interactive session with them.

I would have never got the chance to discover the wonders of the world if I haven’t gone to Rennes School of Business, France (one of the partner university of the college) to go and study my MBA over there for one semester without my honorable faculties. It was like my dream come true to visit France and to explore it.

This college gave me a lot in these past few months, not only the international opportunity but also the placement opportunity by making me placed in my dream company Deloitte which I think every finance student dreams of. I got incredible experience, a great deal of learning and some amazing friends with some sweet memories to accompany me till the last of my life!

Mr. Shardul Jindal