IMT Dubai Experienceu2013Sugandha Prashar

IMT Dubai Experience – Sugandha Prashar

Why IMT Dubai?

I chose IMT Dubai due to the IMT brand image and its equity in the corporate world; and the two years I’ve spent here have completely validated my decision. IMT Dubai gave the opportunity to be in the midst of a cosmopolitan economy, helping me explore my life with a whole new perspective.

What are you doing at Present?

I completed my summer internship with Gulf Petrochem in the 4th semester of my MBA via on-campus selection. Post my internship, I was given a Pre-Placement Offer, which I gladly accepted. So immediately after my MBA, I started my first job; and within weeks of giving interviews for placements, I was sitting on the other side – taking interviews. The Important thing that I learnt was to deal with different people and understand office dynamics. My first job gave me a lot of confidence about my work and I understood a whole new side of me. Post that, I got the opportunity to work with Hamptons International, a company owned by Emaar Properties. I would say that this was where I got the real exposure to the cosmopolitan culture of Dubai.

How was it being a Girl in Dubai?

We have all heard of the saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. In my opinion, Dubai is one of the safest cities for women with zero tolerance towards any crime against them. People are found giving women preference wherever possible- in the bus, metro and even government offices. However in terms of clothing and behavior, certain social norms need to be followed. For that matter, even if you are in Delhi, you cannot wear the same clothes to a club and a metro. Overall, after living there for 3 years, I feel it’s a very safe place for women and in spite of living alone for the last 1 year.

Did you do any part time work assignments at IMT Dubai?

During my 3rd and 4th semester, I had taken up a part time assignment with a UK Based recruitment consultancy with the main aim of gathering some industry exposure before stepping into mainstream corporate. The faculty extended their 100% cooperation towards idea and it was a good first step towards building my career in HR. I got a fair idea about Work Culture in Dubai, Recruitment trends, Corporate Dynamics.

Since you have a specialization in HR, what is the Scenario for HR job opportunities in Dubai?

HR in Dubai is still underutilized and is somewhat administrative in nature. But lately a lot of companies are becoming aware of the need of a proper HR processes and systems and with this increasing awareness, the scope of HR is increasing. The key to getting a job in HR is networking and also through recruitment consultancies which are in abundance in Dubai. The recruitment trends suggest that most of the recruitment is done through either consultants or through various websites like Dubbizle, Gulf News and Bayt.

Please comment on the People/faculty you met at IMT, Dubai

I met with a wide spectrum of people, from different parts of India and the world. They were not only from different places, but of different age groups & educational backgrounds. There were many people who had prior work experience with some of the best organizations of the world. IMT Dubai gives its students the opportunity to be mentored by some of the most established people in their respective industries. Students are offered diversity not only in terms of the experience of the professors, but even their nationalities and teaching methods. Education at IMT Dubai isn’t confined to classrooms and stress is laid upon industry experience, internship and students are even encouraged to take up company projects during the semester.

How is campus Life at IMT-Dubai?

IMT Dubai has one of the largest campuses in Dubai; with one of the very few that provisions classrooms and residencies in the same facility. The campus is equipped with sate of the art infrastructure and facilities including air conditioned rooms, cleaners, cafeteria, sports infra, TV rooms etc. Each floor of the four hostel buildings had its own washing machine, dryer and microwave. Thanks to initiatives by committees like ECAC, Sports committee etc, there is never a dearth of activities on campus. One of the events that we all looked forward to was Vaudeville, the annual inter college event.

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