Wi-Fi is a Wireless Fidelity. Ten years ago the concept of wireless network was not even heard; it was just a dream of general citizens. Now a days, Wi-Fi is found in most places in our vicinity. Offices, colleges, hostels, railway stations, shopping malls, hotels etc. usually have open Wi-Fi. Due to this easy accessibly of open Wi-Fi, most of us are addicted to it and spend our leisure time by downloading movies, videos, surfing the web, using social media like Facebook and WhatsApp.

In this age of internet and smartphones, one hardly finds time for physical workouts and muscular exercise. most of us access Wi-Fi for surfing, chatting, downloading and entertainment. Considering the barrage of devices around us, it is difficult to believe that Wi-Fi is not safe. The devices used for wireless network i.e. routers and modems contain a transmitter that uses RF radiation to send information through air. The property of RF radiation is that it can penetrate through walls made of concrete and wood. Mobiles and digital TV are operating widely at an equal frequency as that of routers and modems. However, digital TV is positioned away from our head and hence its impacts on our body is not as drastic as Wi-Fi. The RF radiation can easily penetrate our body and affect our internal tissues. As Wi-Fi is operating at a higher spectrum than that of other devices, it radiates much larger amounts of waves 24/7.

One of my friends, Mayur, usually accesses Wi-Fi signals standing right besides a Wi-Fi router. He also complains of headaches and hearing issues quite frequently. After visiting a couple of specialist doctors, it has been concluded that his ailments are due to his close proximity to the Wi-Fi router, in other words radiation. This is what is called a Wi-Fi Syndrome or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Due to Mayur’s misery, I realised radiation can have an adverse effect on our body.

On a serious note, one should use technology that is wired like computers, dial-up internet, a landline, etc. Use a cast screen over a computer monitor to avoid some effect of electric field, Try to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options on the computer. By following these little nuances, we can protect ourselves up to some extent from (EHS) or Wi-Fi Syndrome.

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