I joined IMI, New Delhi bewildered with the thoughts of what my new phase of life awaits. It was Sunday, 19th of June and we were welcomed in the Inaugural Ceremony, by our Director General, Dr. Bakul Dholakia and our Chief Guest for the occasion Mr. Atul Sobti, CMD Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. An audience with awe and glory in their eyes were engrossed in the proceedings. It all ended with a Gala dinner where the new comers enjoyed the varied recipes of the north. Well, that is pretty much about the fairy tale as the challenges were awaiting us on the other side of the night.

On the daybreak, groups were lined up for different segments of the Induction program, which were designed as an ice breaking exercise for the new comers. We took part in various activities which were designed essentially to give us a glimpse of the cognitive learning approach in the process. All these gave us an insight about how we should change our thought process to that of an analytical one so as to succeed on our journey ahead.

After the week-long induction, the classes finally began. I felt quite like the ‘Rancho of 3 Idiots’, smiling unknowingly, wondering about what MBA is and how excited I am with the proceedings. We loved the new approach of the studies, with the advent of Case Studies in the classes. But within few days, we realised it’s not that exciting as we had imagined of. Soon the classes started pushing assignments, people started making friends, the clubs & committees started getting involved in their jobs; all together it was a sprightly environment around the campus. To give the regular hectic classes a break and most importantly to rekindle us for our tough journey ahead, the senior batch organised a colourful Freshers Party. It was a delightful night and the junior batch relished every moment of it. Nonetheless, the classes had never stopped and in the blink of an eye we were facing the midterms. It was the time our individual learnings had to be measured. People started learning the jargon and discussing the management topics in order to connect the dots. However, it seemed as if the dots kept increasing as we connected one more to the tally.

Now that we are getting more settled and starting to dig deep into our fields of interest, I was searching for that one thing that makes IMI, New Delhi one amongst the best. I was initially banking it on the placement, considering that IMI, New Delhi has been one of the most successful in this area. But a thought rekindled, Is it not the students who earned their jobs by two years of complete dedication? Is it not due to the relentless effort put forward by the professors that the students have been able to mould themselves?. It is the harmony amongst us and every essential cog in the system ranging from the teachers to the alums to the officials who make IMI, New Delhi such a vibrant place for education. I hope I can contribute to this wonderful institute and take it to newer heights in the days to come. Our seniors have paved the path for us. I hope our journey ahead, will pave the path for the generations to come.

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