[IMI Delhi] : : How MBA will help in your career growth?

An MBA or a Master of Business Administration
is one of the most sought after post graduate degree in India. Year after year,
thousands line up for the crème-de-la-crème B-schools in the country. But from fresh
graduates to experienced professionals, many of them are still not clear about
how this degree is going to help them in their career. Therefore, the “Why
question becomes imperative when it comes to pursuing this elusive

Behind all the diplomatic answers, the truth
is that most aspirants want to earn an MBA degree because:

1) They want to earn
more money

They are dissatisfied with their job.

However, these reasons give a myopic
perspective about the MBA degree. There is a bigger picture behind all this.
Let’s look at how one can reap benefits from an MBA degree:

Skill and

After a few years in the professional life,
it is natural to get confined to a particular set of skill sets. The
pedagogical methods employed in top schools are innovative and effective to
push an individual outside his or her comfort zone. This enables them to gain
new skill sets. The enriching discussion one has with the peer group provides sumptuous
knowledge in various fields.


Reputed business schools have a vast alumni
network from diverse fields. Thus, getting into a reputed B-school will provide
one with a platform where one can interact and learn from people who hold top
strategic positions in major companies. Lastly, sharing the same alma mater tag
with them will create an immediate bonding which one can leverage to gain
career advice.


An MBA degree is not only about building
domain competency but also developing one’s personality. It provides a platform
where one can think in the direction one wants to. The classroom experience,
interaction with faculty and peer group, student activities etc. may radically
change one’s perspective. Many students discover a new person in them with
changed personal and professional traits.


Even though this is deliberately kept at last
to highlight other benefits, one cannot ignore the orbital change that an MBA
degree can bring in an aspirant’s career. The job profiles that are offered at
top B schools are worthy to be mentioned. It provides an opportunity for an
Individual to leverage his or her skills and reach C-suite positions in top
notch companies.

Lastly, you put a feather to your cap by getting
a degree from a reputed institute. Recruiters are well assured of your quality
from the hallmark of the institute.
International Management Institute, New Delhi carries a brand
name that has produced innumerous graduates who are now well established in the
realms of the business world. Besides carrying the brand name, IMI New Delhi
makes the MBA experience more holistic such that an aspirant can realize all
the above mentioned benefits.

At the end if it all, there is more to an MBA
degree than it meets the eye. It is more about the passion to learn and
experience than about the pay checks.