IMI Delhi: Crisil Young Thought Leader – Ashish Gupta

The link between academia and industry is gradually growing stronger with the increase in the corporate competitions in B schools. The recently concluded Crisil Young Thought Leader competition provided the future business leaders a platform to showcase and test their mettle. Ashish Gupta, a student from IMI, New Delhi, was among the top 7 winners at the 17th edition of this competition. He worked on the topic ‘How can organisations strike a balance between tighter regulations, higher governance requirements, and financial goals?’ The competition provided an avenue to test the ability to form multiple perspectives regarding a topic.

Ashish Gupta highlighted the role of the faculty and the globally benchmarked curriculum at IMI, New Delhi, which helped him win the competition. ‘This place has taught me a lot and it has provided me an amazing platform to grow and learn. It is a highly enriching and transformative experience to study under the mentorship of such experienced professors’, said Ashish, as he lifted the coveted trophy. He elaborated upon how IMI has internalized its vision of shaping the global leaders of tomorrow by making its students industry ready. The competition provided the winners an opportunity to interact with the senior management of the organization and gain an insight on the latest business trends.

Ashish Gupta is a second year student in IMI, New Delhi. He has prior work experience as an Automation Engineer. He has represented IMI in various platforms and has won multiple article writing and case study competitions. He is the Founding Member of the Investment Society and a Core Committee member of the Finance club at IMI, New Delhi.

The corporate competitions have truly created new avenues of opportunities for the students to translate their classroom learning into practical knowledge in an industrial context. The students at IMI, New Delhi, are encouraged to participate in these competitions in order to learn, unlearn and explore the various domains of the business environment.