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It’s that time
of the year again when MBA aspirants are burning the midnight oil, spending
innumerable hours in front of their computers and taking practice tests time
and again. Confusion forms the order of the day with students scratching their heads
over little or no clarity about how to bell the CAT.

Management is a
dynamic profession wherein challenges form the order of the day. Moreover,
since b-schools harness a mock-up of that corporate world, it is essential that
all aspirants practice the art of multi-tasking, balancing not only their
studies but also recreational activities to successfully resonate to this

Further, the
most important strategy as per the faculty at IMI, New Delhi is to prepare
“SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound). Further,
they go on to add that of all these the most important strategy is to prepare
in a time bound manner in consonance with the actual exam pattern. The exam
also calls for high levels of time management skills, exam temperament and the
ability to remain calm in the face of unfavorable circumstances.

In this regard,
the student managers at IMI, New Delhi advice about following a five-fold

The first step essentially deals with understanding the
nitty-gritties of the CAT exam for in depth preparation.

The second step
essentially deals with certain introspection exercises to objectively analyze
one’s strengths and weaknesses to prepare a befitting study schedule.

The third
and the most important step
involve choosing the right study material which
includes a selection of business newspapers and journals as well.

The fourth
advice imparted in this regard is about time management skills that are
imperative to supplement all of the above mentioned steps to attain the maximum
levels of success.

The last but not the least step recommends students to keep
focusing on the basics and to keep it straight and simple.

Experts have
also recommended dividing the preparation time into three phases. Firstly, devoting
about half the time to building fundamental concepts and strengthening the
basics. This should be followed by spending about twenty five percent of the
time on fine-tuning these basics by practicing questions from all the available
sources. These efforts should then be supplemented by taking mock tests and
practically implementing all the concepts in a time bound manner in an exam
simulated environment.

Management is
one of the most challenging professions in the world and thus it is essential
for all management aspirants to accustom themselves to possess a never say die
attitude. Further, CAT is easy to bell, provided one follows a modular

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