Imagine IF Google search could make us a DOCTOR …what it would be like?

‘Google it out’, is what we hear quite often if we are to find about something which is relatively unknown to us.Monsoon this time around was very kind on Mumbai ,but not the dengue and other viral fever which accompanies it.It happened that I had flu like symptoms which would come for an hour or so and vanish all of a sudden.This happened for a week or two and I was by no means serious about it.I dismissed it as a mere seasonal fever which usually occurs during the change of weather;but this continued for another week, now it got a bit serious for me accompanied by ulcers this time ,it was still kind of casual go around attitude by me,but something inside prompted me to search on Google; instead of getting myself examined by a physician.A Google search which would read ‘fever from past two weeks and ulcers’ and there to my horror all I could see was a big list of fatal diseases.Now this is where it all started and I started digging even more deep with every accompanying symptoms.It pushed me even more deeper examining carefully every symptoms of mine on Google,and my condition got even more worse.Now I was on a stage self convinced that I was stuck by a very fatal disease,and the very basis of this judgement was’ Google search’.I was really scared to see a Doctor at that moment of time,my parents relatively unaware of my self diagnosed mental condition where forcing me to see a doctor from the day it started but I somehow would jerk of there suggestion.But eventually I had to give up and there was the day of my appointment,and every single microscopic question the doctor would ask would raise my heartbeat .The doctor asked me for a complete body check up and even asked to get a X-ray done.Now it got even worse for me, feared what I had already convinced myself of; that I was suffering from a chronic illness.every single moment from the time I had my test to the time my reports came on was horrifying to say the least.Then came the eventual D-timing,it was time to collect my report.Every step to the doctors place raised my pulse,but I somehow managed to gather courage to face the eventual.In came me in the doctors chamber with my heads down and pulse racing, The doctor opened it up for me;Looked at me and said ‘eat well’ everything else is fine with you,and all of a sudden it looked like a victory.A victory over my naivety to get myself self examined on Google.They say technology will eventually rule mankind,not really; if Google could make a good doctor we wouldn’t need those 8-10 years of slogging done by a doctor.happy Diwali and no SELf examining please.:P

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