IIT Roorkee expels 10 students again for low CGPA

IIT Roorkee has expelled eleven students just before they could seek admission to the second year of B Tech. According to the institute, the students failed to make the requisite CGPA score (5). Last year too, IIT Roorkee had expelled 73 students for the same reason. They were later re-admitted on strict conditions.

Unlike last year, when most students were from the SC/ST category, this year the composition is yet not clear. PaGaLGuY confirmed, however, that originally 11 students were expelled, one, who is physically disabled, was given a reprieve.

“The disabled student, we gave another chance but we still haven’t thought of reconsidering the fate of the other 10 students. It should have been evident from last year, that students need to take their academics seriously,” said an official from IIT Roorkee.

One of the student who is expelled told PaGaLGuY,“Last year they gave everyone a chance, we are hoping that we will get another chance too. Expulsion will ruin our lives.”