IIT Patna: First year students perform at their own Freshers’ party

When you enter an unfamiliar college campus and know that
you are going to settle there for the next 3-4 years. You try to get acquainted
with it. On the first day itself, you meet your batch-mates, find out where  the cafeteria is, and most importantly look out for your hostel. Also, an
orientation is organised by senior students, where an introduction about the
college is given and a campus tour.

There are several expectations when  student enter  a
much anticipated college life. And to begin with, they look forward to the
Fresher’s party. This party provides them an opportunity to loosen up and
interact informally with their seniors.

However, at IIT Patna (IITP) senior students break the ice
by conducting an introduction session. But before this session, first year
students are asked to fill in a form prepared by their seniors. The
questionnaire is general, it includes questions like life goals, hobbies, and interests
etc. “On the basis of the questionnaire, we invite first year students on stage
to talk about their interests and passions. It helps them in getting acquainted  with the rest of the batch. It also gives us a chance to know who
will carry our legacy forward,” said Akhil Shukla, Vice-President of Student
Gymkhana at IITP.

Students get out of their comfort zone to perform in front
of an unknown crowd. And the introduction session doesn’t end there. Those students
are later called by the second year students to perform at the Freshers’ party,
Nebula. It is a ritual at IITP, where first year students performs, second year
students organise, third year students supervise.

Shubhendu Yadav, a first year mechanical engineering
student, said, “On the first day, I saw a groups of students, belonging from
all parts of the country. Every student had a different view, and a different
approach to things but what linked us was Nebula. This chance to perform in
front of the IITP community in the first semester itself, increased my

Presumptions and pre-conceived notions about Patna and Bihar
are a little negative. To make things more relaxed, first year students are
asked to bond with the second years as soon as they enter college. Freshers are
segregated for fashion show, dancing, acting, and singing. Varun Garg, a first
year Computer Science at IITP, “I liked the idea of performing at my own
freshers party. I acted in a play. Today, my batch-mates and seniors recognize
me. Even, Prof Pushpak Bhattacharyya, the director saw my performance.”

Shukla also added, “We organise Nebula this way, so that the
freshers can let go of their fears and insecurities.” Nebula also aides the seniors
in getting to know who is an extrovert, or an introvert, and who will be a part
of which club later on.