The 17th edition of  IIT Madras’ Annual Technical Festival, Shaastra, started on January 23 with a plethora of professional shows, competitions and lectures where everybody has something for everybody. It is a prestigious techno-management fest of the nation’s sharp minds. Shaastra is the first ISO certified festival of its kind, whose vision is to promote a new frontier of thought and encourage interaction between industry, academia and future innovation. Shastra 2016 showcased the latest technology and innovation through entertaining game shows and exhibitions. Its aim was to create  a sense of curiosity about technology.

Shaastra 2016 also hosted Ukraine’s top fire and light show, Adelaida. It was an exciting mix of performers of pyrotechnics and electrical lighting. This show was the first of its kind, not only in Chennai but the whole of South India. India’s only light painter Vivek Patil delighted the audience with his light art. Light art uses technology to create live art and is made using a beam of light on a massive luminescent canvas. He also fascinated viewers by narrating stories through his sand art.

Extreme sports show also found a place in this year’s Shaastra. One of the best teams of Europe, Freesty’air, who are known for their stunts like obstacle clearance, aerial tricks and back flips, kept the audience on the edge of their seats. This year’s Shaastra included lectures by NASA Scientist Dr Kamlesh Lulla; Deepak Bapna, VP-Technology, VISA; Vinita Bali, Former MD, Britannia Industries. The student also enjoyed robotics competitions, photography contests and Indian Railway design challenges.

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