IIT Kharagpur faces food shortage due to communal tensions in West Bengal

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) is about 3.5 kilometres away from Gole Bazar, which has been a hotbed for communal tensions over the past week. This  has led to an acute short-supply of essential food items such as milk, curd, vegetables, and bread to the mess in IIT-Kgp.

“The police isn’t allowing entry of transport vehicles into ‘go-downs’. As a result, the supply of essential items like vegetables, milk, curd, bread, etc. has been affected for the past few days. If the situation does not improve by tomorrow then mess services would be severely affected,” says Prof. A.K. Samantaray, the Co-ordinating Warden (Mess 2) at IIT-Kgp.

The students at IIT-KGP are on their semester break  at present, but students who have stayed back in the campus for their vacation will OR ARE be affected. “We received a message from the warden that there is a short supply of food in the mess. He also promised that if the curfew is not lifted by tomorrow, he will take up the matter with the Director to arrange for supplies,” says Dhanush K, a sophomore at IIT-KGP.