IIT Jodhpur signs Agreement with CSIR for Research and Development

News from the Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur states that it signed an MOU with the council of scientific and industrial research for the development of the technology process of the country. IIT Jodhpur focuses on technology development and translation and human resource development for the progress of the country. Official website of IIT Jodhpur is http://www.iitj.ac.in/ .

The chief guest of the ceremony was DG Shekhar Mande spoke about the vital role played by the development of technology in the social development sector. The institution has taken a great step towards this tie-up as it will boost the career of the students with the right mindset.

The institution has started focusing on more precise and flexible education is the news which will delight the parents of all those young students. This step will make the students who pass out as a job provider and not someone who seeks Job along and struggle when they enter society.

Students will also raise the much-needed concern of the society in which food, water and other needed elements are declining as the days pass. This decision will allow students to create their own good destiny, and it will automatically boost the growth of the nation.