IIT Gandhinagar harnesses solar energy on its Palaj campus

The Palaj campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, has added another feather in its green cap by installing a solar energy plant.

The Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Project has a current capacity of total 200 kWp, and it is expected to scale up the power generation to 500kWp in the coming months.

The electricity generated from the plant is distributed to academic blocks (80 kWp) and hostel buildings (120 kWp) in the Institute’s campus. 

In addition to generating electricity, this plant will act as a live research platform for students in the area of solar power generation forecasting and impact assessment of these distributed solar PV systems.

The Institute plans to instrument this plant with data acquisition and monitoring system which will complement its research initiatives.

Prof. Naran Pindoriya, Electrical
Engineering, who spearheaded the project, is also working on distributed renewable
energy integration. It is very much important to assess the impact of solar PV
power injection in to the secondary distribution network of IIT Gandhinagar


The rooftop solar PV plant at IIT-Gn has been funded by the Government of Gujarat.