IIT Delhi tech fest ‘TRYST’ ends on a high note

There couldn’t have been better utilization of February 29, than to watch one of India’s largest annual Technical Festival conclude. IIT Delhi’s “vmock Tryst” powered by Robosapiens and driven by Datsun. This 3-day extravaganza was flagged off on February 26, with a theme called ‘FIFTH DIMENSION,’ which celebrates the idea of Gravity being a dimension just like spatial coordinates and time.


The inaugural ceremony left the crowd craving for
more laser shows and robot dances performed not by humans but by robots
themselves. This marked the beginning of a line-up of more than 100 events which
included guest lectures, competitions, informal events, workshops, debating
events etc. You name an event and they had it. The first day of the fest
had lectures of Dr Archana Sharma, Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, Mr Sudhir Sethi, Mr
Kunal Shah and some more eminent personalities. And who can forget the amazing
workshops namely Rubik’s Cube, FSAE and the one by none other than Mr Arsh
Dilbagi. These events were followed by myriad competitions like RoboSoccer,
Robowars, quizzes like Electroquiz, Astro Quiz, trailed by a Gaming Night to
everyone’s delight. The winners of TATA Pioneer’s makerthon were also announced
on Day 1.

Day 2 saw engaging events like Youth Parliament,
Paper Presentation, Fake Research, Mock Stocks etc. Where else do we see such a
perfect combination of economics, literature and technical events than at
Tryst? It was a great pleasure to hear personalities like Mr. Richard Stallman,
Dr Jayati Ghosh. The informal stage events ensured that everybody is well
entertained. Flipkart Q&A Session with Mr Sachin Bansal and Mr Binni Bansal
was the cynosure of the day.

The final day was lined up with events like Bridge
Building, Embeddtrix, Speedy CAD Design etc. It was great to be an audience to
lecturers like Mr Charley Lineweaver and Mr Ralph Leighton. The elite IIT
Parliamentary Debate Competition also concluded on the final day. This 4-day
festival saw massive crowds from over 300 prestigious technical colleges and no
denying the fact that Tryst duly served its aim of bringing together world’s
leading scientific minds along with renowned technologists and influential
thinkers and connecting them to the students and faculty across India.


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