IIM Kashipur celebrates India's G-20 Presidency Condutes Ft L. Savithri
Presenting at IIM Kashipur during India’s G-20 Presidency, Ms. L. Savithri addressed the ‘G20 University Connect Lecture Series, focusing on the topic of “Engaging Young Minds.”

In a bid to foster global awareness and nurture innovative thinking, the esteemed Indian Institute of Management Kashipur (IIM Kashipur) hosted a remarkable lecture series under the ‘G20 University Connect’ initiative. The event centred around the theme “Engaging Young Minds,” resonating with the institute’s commitment to grooming the leaders of tomorrow.

The lecture series commenced with the presence of a distinguished guest, Ambassador (Ms.) L. Savithri, an esteemed personality from the Ministry of External Affairs, India. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Professor K.N. Badhani, who delivered the welcoming remarks, setting an enthusiastic tone for the intellectual discourse that followed.

Ambassador (Ms.) L. Savithri’s special lecture brought forth an insightful perspective on India’s significant role in the G20 community. She applauded IIM Kashipur’s recent achievement in securing the 19th rank in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), highlighting the institution’s rapid ascent in the educational landscape. She emphasised the rich diversity of IIM Kashipur and encouraged students to extract valuable lessons from their academic journey.

Delving into the heart of the matter, Ambassador (Ms.) L. Savithri elucidated the genesis of the G20 and its profound impact on global affairs. She detailed how crises in 1999 and 2000 prompted the formation of G20, a coalition of 20 countries responsible for a significant portion of the world’s population, GDP, and trade. She underscored the significance of the G20 summit and its rotating presidency, providing a platform for nations to collaboratively address pressing issues.

Highlighting India’s role as the G20 President, Ambassador (Ms.) L. Savithri eloquently spoke about India’s focus on energy transition and its dedication to amplifying the voices of marginalised nations, communities, and individuals through the “Voice of the Global South” initiative. She revealed South Africa’s impending membership, expanding the G20’s reach and influence.

The event also featured illuminating talks by Professor Kunal Ganguly, who explored infrastructural investment and logistics optimisation, and Professor Abhradeep Maiti, who dissected international trade and economic activities. The engaging sessions were followed by a dynamic question-and-answer session, allowing students to interact directly with Ambassador (Ms.) L. Savithri, facilitated by Dr. Rohit Saini.

The event’s grand finale witnessed the distribution of prizes and a heartfelt vote of thanks by Preet Tejwani, the General Secretary of the Student Body Council. The closing note, marked by the national anthem, instilled a sense of unity and patriotism among the attendees.

In a world increasingly defined by collaboration and collective responsibility, IIM Kashipur’s G20 University Connect lecture series emerged as a catalyst for empowering young minds to envision a brighter, more inclusive future. The event reminded everyone of the profound impact that innovative thinking, global engagement, and collaborative action can have in shaping the world we share.


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