IIM-C interview – Do you like engineering?

College – IIM Calcutta

Date – 6/2/2015

Venue – Hotel Mantra Amaltas , New Delhi

Profile –  Xth- 88.6%, XII – 90.2% ,Chemical engg. 7.90 (No work ex)

CAT – 99.89%ile

WAT – Young people are spending less and less time reading books. Examine the reasons behind this trend. What can be the negative consequences arising out of this? (200 words, 20 mins)

My experience – It was a fine essay and I mentioned about the proliferation of electronic media etc and stated the consequences.

PI experience

3 Panel Members. P1 was in his 50’s looked strict . P2 was in his 40’s and talked nicely. P3 in his 30’s .

P3 called me inside the room and I wished them good morning and they asked me to sit down.

P2(looking at my form) : So you are a chemical engg.? Is your father also in the same field ? (He works for Raychem).

Me : No sir , he is an electrical engineer. Told him about the different sectors in which Raychem works.

P2: Do you like chemical engg?

Me: Not pretty much.

P2: Ok, so tell me what is a catalyst?

Me: told him about that how it alters the speed of a reaction and lowers down the activation energy of the reaction.

P2 : What happens when we put a catalyst in a reactor?

Me: Told how it adsorbs the reactants and provides reaction sites for reaction to take place.

P2: Does catalyst gets used up in reaction or does it come out as it is?

Me: Told correctly. P2(looked satisfied)

P2: So do you konw about catalytic converters?

Me : No sir , I have no idea.

P2: So you are from NCR (National Capital Region). Tell me are the people excited about upcoming Delhi elections?

Me: Said yes and explained him.

P2: so how does Delhi elections affect people of NCR?

Me : Told him abouthow many people who live nearby my area normally work in delhi in big companies and are associated with Delhi for some or the other work. So if Delhi is safe, clean, basic amenities are provided , then it will be beneficial for people of NCR. Then I expanded a little on the same point. Also told him the political scenario in Delhi affects the political scenario in NCR and explained him how. P2 turns to P3 .

P3 : So you are from NCR. Tell me some new places included into NCR recently.

Me: Sir, I think it’s Alwar, but I am not sure. P3 gives a confused look.

P3: So can you tell me which type of fertilizer should be used on which type of soil.

Me(I was thinking what an absurd question this is): Sir , I have no clue.

P3: Why was DDT banned?

Me:Answered correctly. Told him about Bio magnification and related stuff.

P3: Why are not other insecticides and pesticides banned then?

Me: told they don’t harm us much and are easily degradable in our body

P3: When we cook or fry vegetables, does the protein content in them decrease or remains same.

Me: It decreases sir, Because the proteins coagulate and thus do not remain useful for our body.

P3(counter questions): So we should eat them raw you mean?

Me: No sir, Raw vegetables cannot be digested by us and neither they are good in taste.

P3:(Smiling): But Animals also eat raw vegetables.?

Me: Animals like cow and goat have a longer intestine as compared to humans so they are able to digest even raw vegetables. That is why they are able to eat grass.

(Looked at P2 he was nodding in agreement.)

P3: How can you relate integration and continuity?

Me(I had only a slight idea): Sir i don’t know.

P3: So how do managers use integration.

Me: Told him about how Chemical engineers use integration in industries.

P1 starts asking now.

P1- So as a chemical engg. , how would you reduce Air pollution in Delhi.

Me – Told him that we could use cyclone separators, electrostatic precipitators and started to explain but I was interrupted.

P1- Dont tell me the functioning , Tell me where will you use them?

Me- On chimneys of various factories. Also main cause for Pollution are the vehicles. So we should have strict PUC checks of vehicles.

P1: Anything else for vehicles?

Me: Yes sir, The govt blends ethanol in petrol. Right now ethanol content is about 10%, we can do a bit of research to increase this composition and then told him about how ethanol is a relatively clean fuel. Also I told that Hydrogen fuel cell can be used in cars but it is not a viable option right now and research is going on for making fuel cells useful for cars. (P1 looked satisfied).

P2: Do you have any questions for us?

Me: Sir I want to do MBA in marketing. So do I need to have a prior professional experience in marketing before joining college?

P1 and P2: No, it is not required. It may be beneficial to a certain extent to have an experience but it is not compulsory but we do not discriminate on the basis of work ex.

I thanked everybody and left.

I was asked no questions from my form, no questions on hobbies and no HR questions.

So what do you guys think about the interview?

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