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    IIFT-2015 saw a slight change in the pattern of the exam. In comparison to the 118 questions that featured in the 2014 exam, the exam this year had 124 questions. The significant change in the pattern was the clubbing of Data Interpretation with Analytical Reasoning. Last year, this section was clubbed with Quantitative Ability. The key challenge in the exam, as always, was manage the overall attempt and also the sectional cut-offs required for the different sections. The break-up of the exam was as follows:

    The overall cut-off for IIFT
    is expected to lie between 45 to 48 marks.

    IIFT-2015 Exam Pattern

    Another approach to understand
    the IIFT test is to take a look at the previous year papers, and the areas from
    which questions were asked. While it is not at all necessary that IIFT
    examiners will repeat the pattern, however, it will give you an idea of their
    preferred topics.

    Section I: Quantitative Ability (QA)

    The IIFT QA sections was along
    expected lines. The section featured easy Arithmetic questions and algebra
    questions which could be solved using the options. Ideally, you should have
    been able to solve 12 to 15 questions in the section easily. The following
    table provides an area-wise breakdown for the section.

    Section II: Analytical and Logical Reasoning (Part-1)

    In this section, there were
    some extremely easy questions and you should have solved them for sure. Along
    with these, there were a couple of ambiguous questions which might have led you
    to waste time in the examination. Ideally, you should have scored 10 to 12
    marks in this section.

    Section II: Data Interpretation (Part-2)

    This is a section that posed the maximum difficulty to candidates. The
    questions in this section were difficult and accompanied with some
    typographical errors. This made it a tough nut to crack and even an attempt to
    5 to 6 questions is a good one in this area.

    Overall, you could have scored around 15 marks in this section with the
    major contribution from the logical reasoning portion.

    Section III: Reading Comprehension (Part – 1) and Verbal Ability


    As always, this section saw extremely long RCs that posed a significant time
    challenge. The good thing about the RCs was the fact that most of them featured
    very easy factual questions and some students, in fact, chose to solve RCs in
    place of DI sets.

    The Verbal Ability section has mixture of questions and from this, you
    could have easily solved 15 to 16 questions. Overall, in English, you could
    have achieved a score of 15 marks and given your chances of selection a major

    Section IV: General Awareness

    In comparison to last year, the
    GK section this year was difficult and featured questions from a wide variety
    of Current and Static GK topics. Since the difficulty level of the questions
    was fairly high, the cut-off is expected to be low for this year. The match the
    following questions in the section was the once again the blessing in disguise.

    This completes the analysis for IIFT 2015 and hopefully, you performed
    to the best of your abilities. Best of luck for your results..:)

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