If Happy Ever After Did Exist…

I remember when I was little I used to play for long hours. The purpose of my whole life seemed to be to have fun, come back home to my mom and sleep. When we are kids, our whole life is about the pursuit of fun. Broken knees, bruised chins, roughed elbows are the only painful part of life. But as we tread along this journey called life, we grow up, our ambitions take over the innocent desire to play a game just like a game, expectations increase manifold and life just becomes – complicated.

For a girl my age, things look much more fussy.The transition from a mean girl of the highschool to the caring mature girl is often a rocky path. We are always at this age, in the lookout for a “Happy Ever After”. Be it career, marriage, family, friends, we start dreaming about a utopian world where everthing is perfect. Everthing just has to be perfect, perfect, perfect. “He” has to be great, the time spent has to be meaningful, the tingling feeling in the stomach has to there, everything else has to be mind blowing…

But there are still so many of us who are tired of seeing how a married couple looks like, everytime we open our facebook account. But what if we still do not know what we want?

Does it make us confused or just plain ambitious?

The movie “The way we were” talks about two kinds of girls, the complicated girl and the simple girl. The latter is a dying breed these days. In the movie the much sought after hero, after a fling with the complicated girl, marries the simple girl.

This leaves me wondering, are we asking for too much? When a woman demands attention, love, and understanding, she is taken to be as ambitious. On the contrary, she is expected to shower it all on others. Why does the concept of “the one”, the soulmate, bind us?

Are we just waiting to be tied down by that one person? That one person who the world and the society believes can “control” us?

If I am a woman in my late twenties and I still see myself working my brains off just to be in a position where I wanted to be, whats wrong with this picture?

What if I want to splurge on my friends, and most importantly ME?

They say FATE controls it all, and that DESTINY will lead us to where we all belong. If that were true, why are we since childhood told to just beileve in hardwork?

Maybe FATE and Destiny are just two imaginary friends, crafted for our imagination to explain to us the Unexplainable?

Maybe we do write them on our own and i wish we write them very well…