IEI Young Engineer Award won by CSIO Scientist

IEI Young Engineer Award

The Institute of Engineers India is a multi-disciplinary institute with 15 engineering disciplines and over 8,00,000 members in India and abroad. This institute was established in 1920 and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. Its main aim included facing the socio engineering problems for the progress of the country.

In order to enhance the performance in this field, IEI has now instituted IEI Young Engineers Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions made by young engineers in the research field. Those Indian citizens who are lesser than 35 years of age and reside in India are eligible for the award.

Senior Scientist of Central Scientific Instruments Organization also known as CSIO, Manoj K Patel has been awarded the IEI young Engineers Award by the Institution of Engineers India for the year 2019-20. This award has been given to him for his recognition of his contribution in the fields of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. This award was handed over to him on the occasion of 35th National Convention of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers which was organized by Haryana State Centre.

The contribution from him include various societal and industrial technologies such as Electrostatic Agrochemical Sprayer (eSPRAY), Electrostatic Dust Mitigation and Environment Protection Device, Electronic Sanitizer, etc. other awards have also been presented to him on account of his social innovation in the field of Electrostatic Spraying technologies.

He is currently also working in the area of food and nutrition to provide health and Nutritional food that will fulfil the basic needs of human. He is also known to work in the fields of advanced Agri-instrumentation and related technologies which have been proved helpful for the farmers and the society.

Dr Manoj K Patel has been working in this field for many years now and is now a leading project Investigator for various projects which are funded by the Department of Science and Technology, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, SRISTI, Ahmedabad and various other funding Agencies.

CSIO, also known as Central Scientific Instruments Organization, is a national laboratory dedicated to research, design and development of scientific and industrial instruments. It is one of the parts of the CSIR also known as Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Central Scientific Instruments Organization is situated at Chandigarh, India. It was first established in October 1959 as a laboratory for research and development.

CSIO is under the Physical Sciences Cluster of CSIR. CSIO has various infrastructural facilities that include areas of microelectronics, optics, applied physics, electronics, and mechanical engineering,  R&D programmes in food and agriculture, health and rehabilitation, avionics, snow and seismic monitoring in the strategic sector, landslide and structure health monitoring for public safety and bio and Nanosciences.