I remember……..! I still remember….!!

I tried to forget you,but it ended up in reminding every single moment with you. I want to forget you,but your face comes to my memories giving all positive vibes of life . I can never find the reason,but your face gave some sort of happiness to me,

And your smile it meant a lot ! You always kept me under your spell . I still remember that first big smile . I still remember the day I walked with you!! I still remember every lame things I did to turn your attention towards me. I still remember the day I spoke to you.I still remember when you waved at me for the first time.I still remember how much I use to hate holidays just because I cant get a glimpse of you.I still remember the first time I held my hands with you.. I still remember every single moment with you…..! Though I wanted to avoid you ,its you your face which has always pulled me towards you. I longed for that happiness.

Why do you always take me to the world of fantasies, I wonder why do you always stay unaffected .

Once again god,Isn’t he partial when comes to our life. Is it a mistake being a coward,sometimes it feels right being a coward. Life please don’t ditch me again.

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