I love YOU TOO!

Hello!! Once again I am publishing a fiction Love story or rather a cute part of a love story where a boy proposes a girl.

P.S. It’s not my own story as writing my own became difficult for me so I wrote a happy-ending love story


Love is like a stranger who happens to go past your home every day but you never recognize him/her until he/she knocks the door of your heart. Same happened with me. She was there, all the time during those two years of my MBA but I never recognized her. One year paased after MBA and I couldn’t get the job I liked so I decided to reach Mumbai to start my career as fashion photographer. One of my close friends of MBA, Vishal used to work in Mumbai as fashion designer. And the girl, Rashi (Same MBA girl), used to be a Garment manufacturer in Mumbai . In this way all of us were connected by our profession. After another year passed in Mumbai, I realized I had fallen in love with Rashi. When I told Vishal about how I feel for her, he cursed me why I never interacted with her when we were classmates. It’s because the love just knocked the door.


I was very confused. I just wanted to speak my heart to Rashi but at the same time I was afraid. I gathered some courage and dialed her no.

“Hello,” said a beautiful voice.

“Hi, Rashi!” I paused, “I was thinking if I can meet you today.”

“Yeah sure. Come home, mamma has made rajma-rice for lunch.” She said.

“No not at home. I was thinking if we can meet outside of home at some coffee shop or something.” I said.

“Vibhu,” she spoke my name heavily “are you asking me out?”

“Hmm, kind of.” I said.

“See I would be happy to go with you if you were so sure about taking me out.”

“Sure. I am damn sure. I want to take you out Rashi.”

“I know,” she started grinning “so where should we meet?”

“ is Juhu-Beach okay” I asked.

“It’s perfect! I complete my pending work now and see you at 3 O’clock”

“Alright. I see you then.” I hung up the call.

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