I Fail(Nail)ed

CAT results are just few hours away from now and many of us would be going through different sets of emotions, which is understandable. Many of us would have put in a lot of effort and their high level of expectation is very much anticipated and obvious. On the the other hand this is also very much a known fact that very few of us is going to make it to 2nd round and again very very few of them is finally going to make it through. But the real question to answer is – What to those who dont even make it to 2nd round? I can’t say about others but this is what i will go through, if i can’t make it to next level.

I will feel bad, in fact very very bad. I will even cry and there is no harm in crying. It will take weeks, even a month or so to get back to normal, but thats ok. My personal and professional life both will be impacted. I don’t know if i did justice with my preparation or not but failure is something that no one likes to have. I will even blame the normalization and diversity factor. I will blame my state board for being so harsh on me. I will curse myself for wasting time on unnecessary things in past and not putting that into study. I will start doubting my abilities, my preparation strategy if I had any, my dedication, commitment everything. So, what I can do from here? And What I need to do from here?

I know I can’t do anything about my average academic record, normalization and diversity factor. Bringing my so called failure to my personal and professional life is also not a good thing to do and it will further impact me. So I will try to move on as quickly as possible from my failure in CAT although it will take some time, but I will have to do that. I will then start looking at my loop holes, weak points, where I missed, what went wrong, how I can improve myself, my strengths, weaknesses and many other things. I will not let my dream to die. There are two factors, one those are controllable like my hard work, dedication and commitment and then there are things on which I don’t have any control like academics, normalization factor and diversity factor etc. So I will not waste my energy and time on things which I cannot control rather I will focus only on things which I can control. To be very honest I can only try and hope for the best and that’s all anyone can do.

In terms of H. Stanley Judd – “Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing. ”