HUMANOMICS at CBS – Every new smile brings to achieve our goal

A new world without hunger, though we may not satiate the hunger for many. Nevertheless, we took an initiative to serve at least 50 people. We came up with a team of 6 core members (Neetasha, Rodriques, Aravind, Shankar, Varsha, and Rahul). We planned to keep an offering box in our class, so that we can get as much of our contribution to serve the noble cause.

The initiative was launched on July 22nd officially by our Dean Prof. Sridar along with our class peers. We officially titled it as “HUMANOMICS – Every new smile brings to achieve our goal”. Our students and professors started contributing to the cause, and finally we planned to execute the event on a fine day to start our first mission.

We received some amazing information from Prof. Anish to join the Robin Hood Army to support #Mission100k campaign happening in India and Pakistan.

What is #Mission100k?

Robin Hood Army, internet media and news company Scoop Whoop and Uber collectively launched #Mission100k. We already had the idea called Humanomics, with the mission statement “To uplift the life standard of poor people”. We collected around Rs.3000 from our batch mates and professors and started our first mission on 15th of August.

We joined Robin Hood Army and wanted to create an impact so we divided our group into two. One group concentrated in and around Velachery and the other team went to Purasawakkam and Perambur. We distributed 50 meal packets to the street dwellers, children and the not so fortunate ones.

We were emotionally moved when few of them thanked us from their heart. Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean, likewise our little actions made immense happiness to the not so fortunate.

– Rodrigues Bernard (CBS 2015-16 batch)