HRD Ministry Clarifies on Mid-day Meal Scheme: No Breakfast Included

The government offer of mid day meal scheme for the students of government schools will now be eliminated by HRD ministry on Thursday. If we make a average calculation there is almost 9 crore students are studying across 11 lakhs schools and every school provided a mid day meal. Media had a conversation with Ramesh Pokhriyal, HRD minister. He said to the media that the talks of introducing breakfast along with mid day meal scheme is completely false and he denied any such reports. Governments of the states are providing students with a mid day meal scheme and extra food items are provided according to the government of the state.

For example, if we take Kerala into the account, the government is in discussion of providing seasonal fruits like guava in the mid day meal scheme of the students. Right now, in Kerala, the government provides eggs in the mid day meal for the students and milk is being provided twice a week in some schools and thrice a week in some schools. If the proposal to provide seasonal fruits gets approved, it will benefit the students from class 1 to 8 in a big way. When it comes to the measure of milk, 150 ml of milk is provided to the students.

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