One of the most essential skills that every employee should possess is being able to communicate with a fellow colleague without any hassles. While some of us find it easy to mix and mingle with others in a jiffy, some tend to take their own sweet time to come out of their shells. To attain different insights and information, it is necessary to talk, share and exchange thoughts with others, especially when you are a student or an employee. This is where your interpersonal skills come into play.

It tops the priority list of almost all recruiters as they look for it in a potential candidate to make sure that they blend easily with the organization’s culture. However, in this digital era it’s ironic that despite being so communicative on online platforms, the youth lacks communication skills in the real world. Here are some easy to follow tips to get talking and hone your interpersonal skills:

1. Listen carefully: Very often we nod and pretend to listen to a person which can land you in trouble if they ask for an opinion. Having a discussion without knowing its core topic is meaningless and hence it’s advisable that you actually listen to the opposite person before giving your opinion. Pay attention to their words, tone of voice and body language to avoid miscommunication.

2. Share your thoughts: Do you disagree with something or have a better idea in mind? Without hesitation, share it with others and let them know about your opinions. Be careful about the way you express it as it’s important to sound helpful and friendly rather than harsh or dominating. Speak concisely and provide appropriate examples if needed.

3. Be a team player: Teamwork can yield great results if done effectively. A difficult task can become easy and a considerable amount of time could be saved & utilized effectively when it’s tackled by a team as compared to just an individual. If you succeed at being a good team player, it can create a great impression about you as an individual, and even open a path for new career opportunities.

These simple yet impactful methods can efficaciously mould your interpersonal skills and help you be a people’s person.

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  1. Being a good listener is actually not that easy. Many times I find myself using the "I'm Sorry" Technique. When I find myself interrupting someone mid conversation I pause say and "I'm Sorry." This allows for me to put the mic back into the hands of the other person. Thanks for sharing.

    By atouchofcrypticthunder