How to score 100 percentiles in CAT Exam

CAT Exam

CAT is the Common Admission Test which is a computer-based test held by IIMs for selecting students for their business administration programs. CAT is conducted each year by IIMs on a rotational basis.

   Here are some tips to score 100 per cent in CAT exams:

  •    Be calm and composed: CAT is 3-hour paper, in order to perform well, physical stamina is a must. Do exercises or yoga regularly in order to decrease your stress level and also to increase your confidence.  
  •    Do not search more: this means avoid searching for more materials, more books, more tests, more PDFs. Having lots of material to prepare is not advisable. Having more to learn will only make you dull and feel negative. Be systematic in your approach. Focus on what materials you have and complete your work with proper concentration and optimize your learning from it. Optimization means to make a list of topics, identify your strong and weak zones and make sure that you strengthen your strong areas and concentrate more on your weak zones.
  •    Regular mock tests: Mock tests will be available in net for all competitive exams. Take mock tests regularly and carefully analyze each and every test you take. It may be demotivating if you don’t score well in mock tests. But try to improve your performance rather than getting demotivated. Learn from your mistakes and increase your performance level. After taking your test, check your scores along with your solutions in order to check your accuracy level. Have your answers along with the solutions provided. Look out for the shortcut methods to solve the questions. If you start solving it with shortcuts in order to save time. Always have a look at the mistakes you have done in your test and try not to make the same mistake. Also, try to improve your accuracy level in each test you take.

Section wise preparations for CAT exams are also provided below:

  1.    Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: The main problem in reading comprehension is that when a vast or the topic which you are not comfortable with is given. In order to avoid this situation, read a variety of books, essays, and editorial news. This will help you gain knowledge from various topics. Also, solve para jumbles using a timer in order to increase your speed of performance. Also, do not forget to measure the level of your accuracy.
  2.    Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: this section is a bit difficult one in CAT exam. The thing is that the question sets will not be of normal arrangement or distribution sets but it would be different. So it is advisable to take as many tests as possible. Attempt mock tests from different websites. It is very difficult to solve this section in time pressure. So attempting enough of mock tests will help you increase your speed of solving the questions.
  3.    Quantitative Aptitude: This section is a bit easy. It is because his section will comprise of only basic mathematics. There is no need to learn theorems for this section. Just make sure you have a thorough knowledge of basic mathematics. Class 9 and 10 books should be made through. Make sure that you have full idea about the formulas, square roots, cube roots, and tables.

Preparation strategy: It is not necessary that you need many months to prepare for this exam. There are many aspirants who use 2 months of rigorous preparation have been able to clear this test. How much time you take to learn but hard work and dedication matter a lot. When you put your full effort and learn smartly by having a thorough knowledge about your syllabus, you can surely score in your exams. Be strong in your basics and fundamentals. Increase the pace of your mock tests in order to increase the level of preparation.  Also, solve the previous year’s question papers in order to have a clear knowledge of the question paper pattern. Get some valuable tips from this link Common Admission Test.

There are also certain other criteria that the IIMs use to select the aspirants:

  •    Academics, extra-curricular activities, past performance and also your previous work experience etc will be involved during the selection time.
  •    Being strong in academics but lagging in communication skills which include writing and speaking skills might result in not doing well in your Written Assessment Test and Personal Interview.
  •    Each and every IIMs have their own way criteria for selecting the aspirants as each IIMs are autonomous.
  •    The very important point to remember is that do not be overconfident.

Other than the above-mentioned strategies, the students should be sincere in their studies and regular to their classes and give their fullest as hard work always pays.