How to prepare for JEE 2016? How should I start studying for this examination? What steps should I take to maximize my interest and score well? These are some of the questions usually come to mind when aspirants think of JEE preparation. A team of experts from Plancess Edusolutions provides you with some tips & tricks to improve your preparation.

In this article we’ll share some tips and tricks that will
help you enhance your JEE (Main) 2016 and JEE (Advanced) 2016 exam performance.

Candidates must note that in order to excel in JEE (Main),
you need to improve your speed i.e. try to solve maximum number of questions in
a limited amount of time.

As you know, the JEE is a two tier exam consisting of JEE (Main)
and JEE (Advanced). It is obvious that preparing for both exams is difficult,
however not impossible. A proper JEE 2016 exam preparation depends on how you
manage your time. One needs to plan their schedule accordingly. For this, set
some long term and short team goals which will help you keep track of goals in
your plate.

Tips to Prepare for
JEE 2016

You can create a JEE study planner or time plan to complete
your syllabus and revision on time. Make sure you move as per your planner and
finish everything on time. Once you are done with planning and creating a study
plan, you should start your JEE preparation in full swing.

Before you start preparing for the examination, just go
through some of the common problems students usually face. The idea behind
listing these problems is to help you know what issues candidates face and how
to overcome it for better performance in the exam.

Common problems
related to JEE preparation

For some candidates, studying some topic of a particular
subject becomes boring. Many times it happens that the topic which students
find boring is most important and scoring from the exam perspective. In such a case,
don’t skip or run away from the topic, take help from your friends who are good
at that topic. Learn simple tricks to make it interesting.

Some of us find a subject interesting and easy and another
difficult. Remember, no matter how difficult you feel the subject is for you,
work on it and make it your strongest subject/topic. Find a mentor and a
teacher who will help you during JEE 2016 preparation.

Most of us have at least one hobby. I’m sure even you will
be having. Take out time from your hectic JEE 2016 preparation schedule for
your hobby. Remember, hobbies act as a source of recreation for you.

Some Recommended
Books for JEE preparation

Here, we list down some books that experts recommend for JEE
preparation. It is good to refer to a couple of books to get your concepts
clear and understand a topic in depth. However, at the same time it is not
advised to refer to multiple books for every single subject or topic it can
lead to confusion.

Listed below are the books you should refer when preparing
for JEE:

– All your NCERT Books

– H.C. Verma (Physics, Two Volumes)

– S.N. Sanyal (Inorganic Chemistry, All the important chemical
reactions and their mechanisms are consolidated in this book)

– Arihant Publishers (for Mathematics). These books are for
practice only.

Note: the above list of books is just a suggestion. We do
not guarantee success after referring to them. It also depends on how well you
have prepared.

The Plancess
Edusolutions team is present on PaGaLGuY with the userid @plancess. Write to
them to get more tips and ideas. This article was originally published on their
blog JEE-Mag, and has been lightly edited for clarity.

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