The IIFT exam conducted by the International Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the most sought-after exams for candidates wanting to pursue any management course. The IIFT exam is not usually very difficult for its aspirants but the general knowledge section is more difficult than the general knowledge section in the CMAT, MAT or any other important management exam. Candidates usually are not able to clear the cut off for the general knowledge section because of its difficulty level and thus fail to get admission in their desired University. The IIFT New Delhi and IIFT Kolkata together offer around 600 seats only. Therefore, the aspirants need to learn to crack the general knowledge section.

The general knowledge questions in the IIFT exam can be divided into two groups: the static and the current. The static part of the general knowledge section deals with the facts and information that are very old and should be known by the candidates while the current section deals with the current affairs.

  1. Static GK

The static GK questions as the name suggest deals with facts and old information. The candidates can expect questions from topics as mentioned below.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Companies and Brands
  • Indian Political System & Constitution
  • Organizations
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous – questions on various awards and honors, important international dates, books and authors etc.

After knowing the syllabus and the topics of the questions the next question that the candidate must ask is how he is or she supposed to learn all this information. The candidate would require reading through the old year books of India. The questions asked are not only related to India so one must read world year books as well and mark out the points they think are important and can be asked in the IIFT exam. The year book will act as the candidates’ textbook for the static part of the general knowledge section.

  1. Current GK

The questions in the current affair go as old as twelve months. One will need to really be aware of the things happening in the nation as well as in the world.

  • Economy
  • Business & Corporate News
  • Indian Polity
  • Organizations
  • New Developments in Science & Technology
  • People in News
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous

The current affairs section is just as important as the static section and one can never truly guess which section will be given more importance. Reading newspapers months before the exam date shall help the candidate gain the knowledge that is required. Reading the newspaper will also help the reading speed of the candidate and will help them read through long paragraphs that may seem monotonous to them with complete concentration. This skill helps one pick out the important bits in a logical reasoning section or in an analytical question.

How to smartly tackle the general knowledge questions in the IIFT exam?

Solving every problem step by step makes more sense than trying to handle everything at once. The general knowledge section in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade examination can also be solved easily by following just two simple steps.

  1. Answer what you know

Answer the questions you are completely sure about. In general knowledge one can save a lot of time as there are no calculations or no thinking involved. One can simply read the question and either know the answer for it or not know the answer at all. The candidates are advised to answer the questions they are completely sure about and try to score as many marks as possible there. The questions do involve negative marking so answering questions one is unsure about is not advisable at any cost.

  1. Think

The questions you think you can answer after giving it some thought or after searching your mind for it are the ones the candidate should go for next. The aspirant should think about the questions they are not completely sure about. If one is able to eliminate two options out of the four options, it is advisable to answer those questions after giving it some thought.

When one truly thinks about it, the general knowledge section is not a very difficult section and is only made so because it involves some reading. When handled step by step every candidate can solve the GK section in the IIFT examination. To know more about this exam, please click on the link IIFT.

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